Valentino did it, Chanel did it, Elie Saab did and the same goes with Christian Dior and Versace. Traditionally most of the Haute Couture shows close with a wedding dress. However, these days anything that has white or even a touch of white could easily pass for a wedding dress.

With the season of wistful white dresses upon us, we have selected some wedding gowns from the Couture Show: Fall 2014. Get a glimpse of the wedding dress you could be wearing down the aisle. Our top pick was the majestic and dramatic wedding gown by Elie Saab. This gown amazed the audience as soon as it entered the runway- where the audience could not resist but take photographs of this breath taking dress.

Along with these awe-inspiring dresses, the wedding jewelry acts as the icing on the cake. Estenza specializes in jewelry pieces for that special and most important occasion. The wedding dress makes the bride look gorgeous, the jewelry – stunning. The bride to be has to pick her matching jewelry with deliberation. Here are some of our tips: Match your metal to your gown: If you decide to wear a white gown- Gold embellishments may crash with this bright white hue- so we suggest you stick to white gold and pearls.

If wearing a Diamond-white gown- this slightly off white color works well with gold, silver and rose-gold. With an ivory gown- some versions have a yellow undertone, so wear gold jewelry to highlight that creamy tint of the fabric. Don’t forget your décolletage: If you decide to wear a dress without a neckline you could choose big diamond earrings and of course a beautiful ring and an optional bracelet. If you decide to wear a dress with a neckline- you can wear a necklace and delicate earrings. No matter which dress, a beautiful ring is a must have. When in doubt stick to the basics: Diamond stud earrings along with an elegant necklace such a diamond solitaire pendant or a strand of pearls.

Remember: You are the bride and on that day the most beautiful woman. Be comfortable with yourself wearing your dress and matching jewelry – it will make you stunningly beautiful.

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