This seems to be a trending topic lately and overwhelming for most people. Buying a diamond signifies a milestone in most people’s lives; it could be an engagement, birth of a child, an anniversary or any other special moment or even just because- YES ladies we all need that once in a while. However it does require some thought and work to be put in.

Buying a diamond is almost the same as a down payment on a car and for some lucky ladies as much as buying a nice car. So we do understand all the concerns and fears of buying online or even for that matter at a store that you don’t know.

The argument we hear the most is that “If we can buy a car and a house online why not a diamond”? And yes to a certain extent we agree, that if everything is available online then why not? However what we have to say is yes, you have all the information available online but can you look up or search that feeling? Anyone who is looking to rent or buy a house or a new car can relate to that feeling, where as soon as you see the car or walk into a house you just know. You could see the prettiest house online but when you walk in, it’s not “it”, you don’t know why and you may try to reason with yourself but it’s just not; and the house you didn’t think you would like and walked into gave you just that feeling that you wanted. So we encourage you to walk into a store to buy your jewelry as no amount of information can provide you with the feeling you get as soon as you slip that ring on your finger, that feeling of euphoria. Just this reason is good enough for us to persuade you to step into a store as after all jewelry IS an emotional purchase.

However we would like to go in more detail with all of you that are still not convinced with our reason above. 

When you don’t like the ring you walked in to get – You have been eyeing this piece online but when you go see it you don’t get that feeling. If you are at a store you could look at other pieces and change your decision. You could do that with an online store as well, but you have to look at their return policies to make sure. It’s definitely not as easy as walking from one counter to the next. Guys- we know if this is an engagement or a surprise gift, you will be making that purchase however we have also noticed, that this feeling of “that’s it” is not gender specific.  You will know as soon you see the piece if it is that perfect ring or gift for your loved one.

Inventory at a retail store vs online- Yes we have to hand it to all the online sales proponents that the inventory at a retail level cannot compete with online stores- at least for the majority of stores. However with this growing issue most retail stores now work even more closely with their designers to make sure that they can get a piece even if they might not have it at that time in the store for you to see. You could also with the help of the retailer get a piece designed to your preference. However we do agree that this might take a bit longer than it would if you just bought it online.

How do you trust what you see- With the increasing use of Photo Shop, how do you know what you see is what you get. You could walk into the store and see the same piece live and know exactly how it’s going to look.

Price variance- This is a concern for everyone and not for the jewelry industry alone. In a lot of cases people end up finding product cheaper than they would if they bought it at a retail location. The biggest difference- the retail location has overheads to cover. However you have to be weary when something is too good to be true, make sure your source is certified and has good reviews and testimonials from other customers. The same goes for when you buy at a new retail location. These days everyone is available on Yelp, Facebook or other social media platforms, so we recommend you do your due diligence while looking them up.

Repairs- What happens when you need to repair your jewelry or take it in for servicing or sizing? Most retail stores offer this services at no extra charge or at a nominal rate if you have bought jewelry from them. However this becomes a hassle when something has been bought online. You will still have to take it to a retail location to get it fixed, but then you have to check with them regarding their policies.

Policy- Whether it’s a payment policy or return policy, its best to find out from both. Most retail stores now provide their own financing. With a retail store, you know exactly where they are located hence easy to return. For an online return, it may be easy but it is best to go with a reputable online business and not necessarily the cheapest.

We really don’t want you to think that we are trying to convince you towards buying only from a retail store, however our loyalty and preference still remains with our retail partners, not because we do business with them but because we see what they have to offer and how they can help you with this important decision in so many ways. Moreover it is that personal touch that makes your purchase even more memorable.

To help you further we have added a link to what we think is a comprehensive guide to help you with your decision and any other questions we may not have answered.

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