You already decided, she is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Next step is the proposal and what would be a proposal without the perfect engagement ring? No worries – here is a guide to find the ideal engagement ring. Estenza has your back and will turn you into the ultimate engagement expert.


1. How much should you spend?


Normally the rule is to spend round about three months salary for an engagement ring. The important point at the end of the day is that it is not about the size and the price of the diamond – it is about the meaning behind the ring and promise to stay together for the rest of your lives.


2. Which ring should you choose?


First of all it is important to get to know the taste of your future wife to be. Is she rather extravagant or modest? The engagement ring has to reflect her personality- she will wear this ring for a lifetime. Ask her best friend for advice and have a look at our collection (here) to ask yourself – which ring would your partner choose?


3. Gold or white gold and what about the carat?


One has to choose between a yellow or white gold ring. The simple question is – does your fiancée wear more yellow or white gold jewelry? Have a look at your girlfriends jewelry box. There you will find the answer. One thing you should know about the carat is, the more carat a diamond has the bigger the diamond is. Here again, it is a matter of budget.


4. What else to know?


It is essential to know the ring size of your fiancee. You can ascertain the size with the aid of a ring template. Also, do not forget to put the ring on the right finger, which means in this case the left ring finger.


Congratulations, you are officially an engagement ring expert! With these tips you are ready to take action. Browse our ring section here and find that perfect one for your wife-to-be.


Still got questions? Estenza is here for you! Email us at info@Estenza.com.


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