Which piece of jewelry do you think is a staple for every woman’s wardrobe? Clearly a classic pair of diamond earrings. Estenza tells you the most important reasons why diamond earrings are a piece to invest in.


Almost every woman has this dazzling shimmer in her eyes when spotting a diamond. No other glint seems to fascinate women as much as a diamond does.


A diamond is considered to be the most precious and sought after gemstone in the world. Hence, even a small diamond earring- a diamond stud no matter how big or small, is an exclusive and sparkling piece of jewelry. With such an investment you not only possess one or more diamonds but also jewels that enchant the heart!


At Estenza.com you have the possibility to choose between various different designs and styles of diamond earrings. All earrings are hand-made and designed with utmost care and attention to details, from the milgrain on the earrings to the way the back of the earring is designed. We want your investment in an Estenza piece to look good from all angles.
One of Estenza´s favorite diamond earrings is this piece: Be the center of attention and sparkle in these beauties. This earring certainly turns heads wherever you go.


Not only are diamond earrings popular, but now earrings with diamonds and gorgeous gemstones are gaining popularity very fast, such as this purple amethyst earring. Get in touch with your girly side with these dainty earrings. The diamonds add the right amount of sparkle to your outfit.


Both earrings are the paragon of elegance and only two examples of Estenza’s vast selection of diamond earrings. These earrings are the perfect jewels for every occasion. Regardless of whether you wear them with jeans and a white t-shirt or with an evening gown – Diamond earrings are oh so versatile.


Irrespective of which piece you lean towards – diamond earrings are a modern classic and a must-have in every fashion-conscious women’s wardrobe. See all Estenza diamond earrings here.


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