1-   Layering

This trend seems to grow stronger in both apparel and jewelry. Stackable rings, earrings, pendants as well as bracelets are all the rage.

We especially love our stackable rings as there are endless options with how you can style them. Have old bands that you don’t use anymore- just add them to a stack and see the transformation. Weddings bands can be used as part of a stack ring as well. We have a great example of how we have re-purposed a 3 stone ring as part of a stack too.

The choices are endless and the best part is that it lets you take out all those old dated pieces from your jewelry box and use them stylishly now.


2-    Statement pieces

Even though most people use dainty pieces to layer- who says you can’t with bigger pieces to make a statement. Look at an example of our ring from the newest Pyramid collection. We have stacked up 3 different colors to make that ring a head turner and attention grabber. Who says you need to settle for ordinary?



3-    Festive Glam

Whether you want to express yourself or tell a story let your jewelry do all the talking this season. Glam up with some of our best picks.



4-    Geometric Metals and Gems

Geometric jewelry is a top trend for this season. Jewelry in bold shapes adds depth and dimension to any outfit. Our new Pyramid collection features a sugarloaf gemstone which adds an element of art- modern glamour to any outfit.



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