Unbenannt-1Estenza would like to introduce one of their newest highlights – the Matly in Love collection. A new hand-made jewelry line that is truly revolutionary, innovative and captivating. While most of the fine jewelry is shiny and has an even surface the Matly in Love collection impresses with its brushed gold surface – making it truly unique. This rather mat appearance stands in brilliant contrast to the endless shimmering had-set diamonds that are incorporated into each piece of this stunning collection. The handcrafted collection features decorative earrings as well as eye-catching pendants.

The style is inspired by the awe and beauty of the magnificent California redwoods. The finish of the gold is created to mimic the wooden bark of the redwood trees, which gives each piece an organic feel. The silhouettes coupled with the natural beauty of the gold and colorless white diamonds are designed to exude sensuous curves and gleaming confidence.

These pieces make a statement with their size, color and brilliance. The Matly in Love collection is available in 14K and 18K yellow or rose gold, making it a beautiful and valuable gift to show your love.

The Estenza tip: wear this timeless collection with your hair tied to a ponytail or with swept-back hair to showcase the stunning details.

Feel free to contact us for more details.




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