355_355__MG_0992The holiday season is all about dressing up. Meeting your family for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and all the holiday parties in between. Statement earrings can help dress up your look instantaneously and make it look polished and glam.

Most people fear looking overdone while wearing statement earrings and avoid wearing them. If worn properly those same statement earrings you fear will soon become a must have staple in your wardrobe.

At Estenza, you can find one-of-a kind pieces and there are various styles for you to choose from, ranging from chandeliers, to drop earrings to the multi-purpose jacket earrings.

Here are some of our best sellers and our top picks.

Want to try a muted more glamorous look. How about these diamond earrings that go well with just about everything. From your little black dress, to a printed one, to just plain neutral shades, the choices with these .earrings are absolutely endless.










Outfit options with these earrings.



Ready for some more? How about these gorgeous light green amethyst drop earrings. We have these earrings in multiple colors, so you can go as bold as you feel comfortable.



Looking for something bolder? How about these one of a kind statement earrings that are sure to make you a head turner. These are as bold as they are gorgeous.


If you fancy something dainty and these bold earrings are not your style, here are some jaw dropping pieces that we are sure you won’t leave home without. These can do from day to night and elevate any outfit you wear.  We have these in various colors for you to choose from.


If you feel like we have now converted you, head on over to your trusted jewelry store and ask them more about Estenza’s earrings.




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