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With fashion trends changing with every season, how do you know which trends to participate in when it comes to jewelry? With layering being the trend for fall/winter why limit layering to only your clothes. Layering your jewelry can be just as fun and you don’t have to invest in so many new pieces and that’s the beauty of it.

There are various reasons people buy stackable rings or bands.. Lets start with your wedding band, that’s your first band, the birth of your child, anniversary, birthday, so many different reasons to buy bands.

All those bands that you might have collected over the years can now be used to stay stylishly on trend.


Loading multiple fingers with numerous rings is a chic way to attain maximum layering effect. The one rule is balance; so pay attention to your fingers. You need to keep your look clean and cohesive and you also need to pay attention to the size of your hands and the length of your fingers.

Someone with slightly bigger hands can easily sport bigger rings/bands, but someone which shorter fingers or smaller hands probably cannot. You need small dainty rings to keep your proportions right.


The other positive aspect of this trend is that you get a lot more real estate for decorating, so you don’t have to limit yourself to below the knuckle. You have midi rings that you can wear above your knuckle, to thumb rings and pinky rings.

Don’t have midi/ pinky rings? A cheaper alternative to buying new ones would be to take an old band to your jeweler and getting it sized. That way you can put an old band to use without having to invest in one.


We have put together some tips to help you achieve your perfect look.


1-    Pick the color of your gold.. with stacks even though yellow and white cannot be mixed we love that you can get away with it if you have multiple rings that you are wearing on one finger. We wouldn’t suggest you do that if you plan on wearing the rings individually.


Here in this stack we have a white gold band as well as a rose gold band in between. This helps add some depth to your stack.

Estenza Wedding band stack


–    In order to make people notice we suggest you add a pop of color and some interesting pieces.


We have some beautiful colored stone stackable bands that add that right amount of pop and color to your stack. They can also be worn individually to achieve a more delicate look.

Here we have some images of how we have added them to a stack.

Estenza Stacks Estenza Stacks-3

3-    Add some pieces of interest, like these pretty flower bands. They can be stacked up together or added to your existing stack to add a focal point.

Estenza Stacks-2  Estenza Stacks-3_MG_1474


4-    Have old colored stone bands.. use those to add color to your stack. We have added a pretty ruby band in between to add some color to this stack.

Estenza Stacks-2


The choices are endless and how you decide to stack also depends on your personality. Coco channel once said “Before you leave the house look in the mirror and take one thing off”, whereas jewelry legend Iris Apfel says “More is more and less is a bore”


Follow us on Instagram @estenzajewelry to see more ideas for styling your bands, after all Stacks are the new Black!!


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