couple-437987_1280-e1415373140792They are probably the most beautiful three words in the world. Everybody loves to hear them but it is not easy for everyone to speak them out loud. This is why we have gathered 5 ideas to show your partner that you love her!

1. Let´s be honest, everybody loves a nice dinner and they love it even more when it is home-cooked. Surprise your partner with a romantic candle light dinner or organize a picnic outside in spring or summer.

2. Does your partner have a favorite musician or band? Or does she love to go to a play or the opera? Then just buy two tickets as a surprise! The fact that you know what your partner likes shows how much you care.

3. Estenza´s tip: Give your partner jewelry. Even better – engrave that piece with the 3 magic words. This way your partner can read it day after day as a constant reminder of your endless love for her. For bonus points: buy a piece with diamonds that signify your love forever! Click here to discover our collection and find that perfect gift that symbolizes your love

4. A little outdated but still a very thoughtful way of saying I love you is making a mix tape with your partner’s favorite songs. With that gift you can show that you know your partner well and you make sure your partner always thinks of you when listening to the tape.

5. Our final tip is writing little love notes during the day. Just write notes and hide them in your partner´s bag or jacket. We are sure that your partner will be more than delighted to find them!

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