At Estenza, the bulk of our jewelry gets manufactured in India. We visit India frequently to make sure the production is going as planned and to regularly check on quality.

Our creative director Priyanka makes these trips and she has some fun updates from the last trip that we wanted to share. 

It was a long 10 day trip both work and fun, as she attended a family wedding along with working in the factory for the rest of her trip. She also went out to look for good sources for colored gemstones, which she says, were the highlight of her trip. She calls gemstone stores her “candy shop” and says she can easily spend her entire day there. 

Here are some images from her trip to the factory. We want to share these with you to show you behind the scenes of jewelry making. These images by no means include all the processes but just a few for you to see to get the gist. 

It all starts with concept that Priyanka approves. Then the design team and her get to work on the initial sketches. After the 100’s of initial sketches the best out of them are selected. Then they are sent to the factory where they are rendered in CAD (which is a 3D image of the design). After CAD a 3D model is printed which helps make a wax mold.

Wax being poured into a mold to cast.


The wax mold getting perfected- this is the master mold and the final outcome of the finished piece rests on this.

IMG_5723 IMG_5724

Once the wax piece is perfected, it is used to make a cast (mold). Once it is casted and Gold is poured into it, it comes out looking like this tree and the individual pieces are clipped off and then send for initial polishing. 


This process is called Thread polishing. This is for the small holes in the jewelry where tools cannot go in. Threads are put in using tweezers and pulled back and forth constantly to polish those hard to reach areas. The threads are coated with a substance to help them polish/ buff the gold (hence black threads in this image below).


After this the piece goes for setting where all the diamonds and gemstones are hand- set. Once that’s done, it goes into final polishing to make sure they have the nice shiny finish that everyone loves.

Diamonds being hand- set


Final polishing:


Finished product after inspection.


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