estenzaHot chocolate and magic family movies – Christmas is around the corner and everybody seems to feel the wintry, festive vibe! The food is ordered for Christmas, the family is invited and the house is decorated. But the most important question is – do you already have the perfect Christmas gift? So in case you are still searching, Estenza will guide you through the fantastic world of fine jewelry in order to find that perfect gift!

So why do we think jewelry makes that perfect Christmas gift? The answer is simple: jewelry and especially diamond jewelry represents love. Since Christmas is the feast of love this makes the perfect match. So in order to see that shimmer in your loved ones’ eyes, we will give you some more specific ideas:

1. Rings. Yes, that is the most romantic gift of all. It represents eternity and endless love. Especially when the gift is a diamond ring; it will melt your loved ones’ heart. Have a look here and find your personal favorite.

2. Necklace: A perfect gift for when you are just not ready to give a ring yet, also a good gift idea for a family member. Especially the Lumiere Collection that has an endless beating diamond. It is a very popular gift and you can find them here.

3. Earrings. It seems like on every woman’s wish list there is a pair of diamond earrings. So fulfill her wish and give her something she will treasure forever!

Estenza wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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