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Christmas is over. The gifts that were carefully selected were carried home and un-wrapped. The food that was prepared has been enjoyed, the Christmas tree decorated and the guests that were hosted- come and gone. The holiday season brings joy and happiness to all, however, with that joy often comes the stress and pressure of meeting the obligations and expectations of family, friends and work, which can take the joy out of the happiest time of the year.

Moreover once the excitement of the holiday season has passed the chill of winter truly sets in. Here are some of our suggestions to help you unwind after your holiday rush.


  1. Grab your id and buy a last minute flight ticket to a warm place. Hawaii, the Bahamas or Florida. No matter what your favorite location is – what counts is that you get away from the rush at home and that you check-in in a place with room service. Just go online, there might be a fantastic last-minute offer waiting for you.
  2. Want to stay local after all that travelling? Check into your local hotel/spa for a day of complete relaxation. What better way to escape the bone-chilling cold outside than to step into a spa and treat yourself to a massage and a 100+ degree bath to wipe off winter from your mind?
  3. To escape the rush and still be with your loved ones? This is possible with a cozy and calm day at home. Put on some Jazz music and take a bath. Plunge into the bubbles and sip on herbal tea – relaxation guaranteed!
  4. Treat yourself! You have probably thought carefully about finding the right gifts for your loved ones, but have you thought about yourself as well? We suggest you take some time for yourself and spoil yourself with a little something. And of course, what is better than jewelry! Browse the Estenza collection here (link) or visit your trusted jeweler.


Estenza wishes you a calm and cozy post Christmas time.

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