flightTravelling is always a lot of fun but can also be stressful when trying to pack smart. Carrying a lot of clothes and shoes are always fun but they seem to fill your bag up sooner than you like. When it comes to staying stylish while you are travelling, jewelry is something that can transform your look without taking up much space in your bag. Go from day to night with absolutely no effort other than adding your pair of dangling earrings.

However when travelling with jewelry- organization is key!

  • WHAT JEWELRY TO CARRY: Take jewelry that you know you will be wearing. Don’t try to pack in extra pieces that you ‘think’ you might. We suggest you style your jewelry with your outfits while packing, and try to use one piece for a few outfits so that you don’t have to carry too many of your precious baubles all at once. You can also carry some of your less expensive pieces to complete your look without having to carry all of your precious baubles.
  • HOW TO CARRY YOUR JEWELRY: We suggest you buy a good small jewelry organizer with some small plastic baggies to carry your precious baubles (you can find the really small plastic bags in your local craft store). While choosing your organizer, make sure it will fit in your purse, so that it can stay close to you at all times.

Here are some smart packing tips to ensure your jewelry does not rub or scratch against each other.

1-    For your earrings- the easiest thing is to use a button. You can put your earrings studs or your danglers through it and it will ensure they don’t touch each other. For danglers we suggest you also put them in small Ziploc lock baggies so that they don’t rub against each other.

2-    For your rings- we suggest you buy a small piece of muslin cloth from the craft store. Then cut that up into small pieces. That can be used to wrap your rings before you put them in your small Ziploc bag. This will provide the necessary cushioning for your rings while the bag will prevent scratches.

3-    For your necklaces- if carrying a big statement piece necklace, we suggest you wrap that in muslin as well and then put it in a Ziploc bag. While wrapping, put the cloth on the top of your necklace and then fold the back over it, so that the gold chain does not touch or scratch the front. You can also use a drinking straw for your necklace chains. Just sting them through the straw and then close the clasp.

4-    For bracelets, we would follow the same as a big statement necklace. If it’s a bangle bracelet, simply put that in a bag of its own or wrap and then pack in the Ziploc bag.

  • Make a list of everything that you pack- including taking pictures of everything you are taking with you. Make 2 copies and keep one with you and one back at home. You could also email yourself a copy so that it can be accessible anywhere/ anytime if needed.
  • While flying- never check in your precious jewels. Always keep them safe with you in your carry on bag.
  • While going through security- never take off your precious jewels. There may be a case if they are too busy, you might not get a chance to retrieve your stuff in time.
  • Once you reach your destination- whether you’re hotel or someone’s house, we suggest using a safe to store all your jewelry.
  • Consider insuring your jewelry if you are travelling for an event and have to carry a lot of your jewelry.


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