estenzaWe’re almost through another Fashion Week season. As the Milan Fashion Week comes to an end, we decided to have a look at the jewelry presented in this year’s most anticipated shows to predict the trends for this Fall/Winter season!

1. Asymmetrical earrings
We’re moving on from last year’s one earring trend to wearing two again. This year it’s all about asymmetrical ear pieces. Different shapes or different colors – you can have it all!

2. Gold
No matter where you look everything is gold! Perfect for the fall/winter season, this metal brings warmth into the cold season.

3. Chokers
The 90s are in full swing again. What was merely a trend for teenagers last year gets a touch of glamour and is now wearable for everyone. With lots of gold and different gemstones chokers will be THE trend piece this fall/winter season.

4. Pendants
Small and delicate or big and chunky – pendants come in every variety this fall. This jewelry piece updates every basic outfit to fashionable.

5. Romantic
Overall, jewelry this year is romantic. Lots and lots of gold, gemstone, big pieces with intricate designs. The motto truly is more is more. And we completely agree. You can never have enough jewelry.

Now that we’ve seen what Milan’s runways have brought us, we can’t wait for Paris. Get ready for the fashion week finale with your own jewelry trend pieces which you can find here.

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