gemstonesGemstones are fascinating! The minute you lay your eyes on them they captivate you.. so do they really have “powers” as some call it or is it just our attraction towards color that makes us fall in love with it? Everyone has different perspectives when it comes to them. Some say they have healing powers, some call them supernatural and to some they are just ordinary colored stones.

Gemstones have a long history and their colors, properties, myths, and legends are diverse and fascinating. Folklore about stones has been revered and honored for centuries in all cultures. Early discovers couldn’t understand their origins hence these fascinating formations were considered to hold supernatural powers. By the end of prehistoric times, such stones had become the first medium of exchange between the desert nomads and the settled farming communities. Valued for their magical properties, rather than their beauty, these gems were not articles of luxury but everyday necessities.

Today we see these precious gemstones being used in jewelry to add color and uniqueness to a design. It gives a piece of jewelry character that makes a personal style statement for the wearer. They are being widely used today in almost all kinds of jewelry not only for the purpose of addition of color but also because we as humans are automatically drawn to color and it makes us instantaneously fall in love. That’s what jewelry is all about- a symbol of love as it lasts forever, so it is very important for you to fall in love with a piece of jewelry before you decide to own it.

Some say that the way you dress is about “what your clothes say to you, not about you” and the same thing applies to jewelry. The minute you lay your eyes on a piece of jewelry, it holds the ‘power’ to make you fall in love. You keep dreaming about that piece and keep saving up for it and you are at peace when it finally becomes yours. So based on this theory we have some other theories that we have gathered on gemstones that you may find fascinating.

Amethyst – A stone of spirituality and intuition. Used for meditation and contentment. This stone is known for creating serenity and spirituality, promotes calm and helps with addiction and stress. Amazonite – A stone of healing which balance the energies in our body. It helps in reducing aggravations thus help in improving thinking.

Blue Topaz – Assists one in attaining clarity to successfully communicate and manifest desires. It reduces tension and gives clarity to ones mind to see the overall scheme of life. It attracts success and love and relieves tension and anger.

Citrine – Helps in dissipates negative energy, and increase positive energy, warmth, joy and creativity. It will aid in mental and intellectual functions and increase self esteem.

Diamonds – Used in conjunction, it will strengthen the properties of other stones. It promotes abundance, purity and perfection.

Emeralds – Enhances memory and promotes clear and quick thinking. It is known as the mind stone.

Garnet – It helps in commitment, devotion and love. It considered as a highly protective stone. It increases confidence and security.

Peridot – A stone of rebirth and renewal. It provides peace and happiness. It helps by healing damage relationships and attracts comfort and builds vitality. It provides clarity and ability to understand the changes in life.

Rose Quartz – The stone of Love. Rose quartz helps to attract love. It brings deep inner healing and thus helps with comfort and peacefulness and calm to relationships.

Rutilated Quartz – Intensifies energy of the crystal and stimulates brain and provides inspiration.

Ruby – Provides economical stability. It will help in love, spirituality, and protection.

Sapphires – It promotes purity, light, joy and peace. Opens mind to beauty and love. Clears mind of unwanted thoughts.

These are just a few we collected however we would love to hear from you, so do let us know in the comments below if you agree or have a personal story that you would like to share. We want to know if gemstones capture your hearts the way they do ours.

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