Unbenannt-2We all like to experiment, but sometimes it’s nice to be safe, so we compiled a handy guide to match your jewelry to your hair color in order to get the most exciting result.

Light skin, blond hair and blue/green eyes

The cool toned blondes with freckles and fair skin should wear bright blue and green tones to bring out the color of their eyes. If you wear white and beige you’ll get a look without contrasts, which oftentimes can look a bit boring.

Olive skin, brown/black hair

Olive toned skin and brown or black hair contrast nicely with light tones like beige and white but also bright colors like yellow, red and blue.

Red hair

Earthy tones like dark orange, yellow, brown petrol and purple are the perfect fit for this hair color as they create a woodland fairy-esque feeling and bring warmth to the face.

Black hair, dark skin and brown eyes

Vibrant red, magenta, pink, black and white… in general wear bright and clear colors with blue undertones to create intriguing contrasts that highlight your skin tone.

These are by no means rules you have to follow. Everyone knows best what suits them and the fun thing about fashion and jewelry is you can never be completely wrong. Experimenting is okay and even necessary, otherwise we would all wear the same styles and how boring would that be? Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence because at the end of the day, that’s what makes you truly beautiful and unique.

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