My name is Priyanka Kedia and my husband Vinay Kedia and I are the founders of Estenza operating out the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. Our love for jewelry comes from our long history of jewelers in the family. It was just a matter of time before we both realized what we were passionate about- our ingrained love for jewelry. Jewelry according to me has an innate quality of making you feel special- you can wear fine jewelry and it instantaneously makes you feel glamorous. This is the feeling we want everyone to experience.

Being in this beautiful city of San Francisco anywhere you turn you see natural beauty, from rolling green hills in the spring time, to fields full of daffodils, and thick lush redwood forests, we can never be short of inspiration for our collections. All we need to do is open our eyes.

With the launch of the re-designed website, www.Estenza.com we have decided to launch a new blog as well. We want this blog to be your resource of all things jewelry- from technical information for jewelry to styling tips we want to try to answer your questions about jewelry. Many places on the internet give you basic advice when it comes to shopping for jewelry. On this blog we will include the basics but we want to strive to give you insightful, practical advice on how to make the right decisions when shopping for diamonds, colored stones and gold.

We understand that buying jewelry can be an overwhelming process so we want to try to help however we can. We have a wonderful repertoire of retailers that carry our collections and they have an unparalleled expertise on a wide array of Estenza Jewels. Our concierge service can help connect you to one of our wonderful retail partners to assist you further with your jewelry buying process. We hope you can join our Estenza family and we look forward to hearing from you.

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