technologyvsjewelryIs Technology killing the Jewelry industry or is it the fact that we aren’t as emotional anymore. This is probably a controversial topic and when you look around you see everyone talking about “Millennials” and how they aren’t interested in buying jewelry anymore.Being a millennial myself, I’m not sure if that’s the universal feeling and I’m the odd one out or are there others like me out there? I’m calling out to all of you that are like me.. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all against technology and I love my MacBook pro with my retina screen and all, and my IPhone 6, however I love my jewelry even more.

My love for jewelry first started when I was a young girl and I remember looking into my mothers and my grand mothers jewelry boxes. That was my favorite thing to do. The minute they opened their closets I would drop everything and run to go through their stuff before they closed it again. I would go through the same things over and over again, and I never once got bored.The jewelry that I loved the most was the ancestral pieces that my mother had which were passed down to her. My mother has some pieces of jewelry that are over 100 years old. Now try keeping your IPhone for longer than 2 years.

That’s where my love for jewelry comes in because its something that’s eternal and pure. It’s something that you can hand down to your kids and your grand kids. When my grandmother passed away she left a few gold bangles for my sister and I and a pair of earrings for my brothers wife (he’s not married yet but when he gets married, his wife’s getting them) It’s this intrinsic value of jewelry that carries with it tons of emotions and feelings that cannot be felt by any other commodity. It might be vain to some, but I love the feeling I get when I wear those bangles as I know she used to wear them and its something that I have of hers even though she’s no longer there with me. There is no explaining that feeling and there is nothing else that can even come close to it. I have been gifted phones, laptops, etc., by my husband over the years, but those aren’t emotionally important to me, and fall in the category of being functional. I couldn’t survive a day now without my IPhone or my laptop, however that to me is like buying a blender for my house.. I need it but I don’t have any emotions attached to it. However all the jewelry he has gifted me over the years all have stories attached to them and I know exactly when and why he gave them to me. I love that and can go on and on with those stories.

Things are changing especially with rapidly innovating technology bringing out shiny new gadgets in droves to spend money on, buying something that can’t be upgraded to the latest model down the road seems foolish to many. Those diamond earrings are a classic, sure, but a future purchase may not hold up in the trend department in the same way. An eternity band isn’t like an IPhone—there’s no trade-in plan after every two years.

Why is it that a newest gadget is the new way to say “I Love You”? Why wouldn’t you want to say it with something that will last forever and then you could look back it and reminisce. Shouldn’t that be reason enough? We all take pictures for the same reason—to try to capture the moment, so why not buy jewelry to capture the emotion

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