SpringSpring is finally here – that means one thing: flowers everywhere! It’s no secret women love flowers. Flowers in our yards, a bouquet on the kitchen table, potted bloomers on the window sill. How do you say it— more is more? That is absolutely right when it comes to flowers.
Whether it’s a gift from our significant other, our moms – they always bring over flowers when they’re visiting, it’s a mom thing – or just something nice we do for ourselves. Flowers are always in our homes.
There is just something about them that makes the house feel different – in a positive way.
They bring their surroundings to life and add a touch of color and freshness to every room. A home with flowers is just so much more inviting.
But in spring, flowers are everywhere. Flowers on dresses, flowers on shoes and flowers on jewelry. Flower prints transform our look into happy, girly and playful. Especially when kept in pastel tones, these prints make us look younger and more cheerful.
The same goes flower jewelry. A simple daisy ring for example gives your outfit a subtle hint of femininity – without overpowering your entire look.
No matter how you decide to wear your blooming patterns and accessories, buy pieces you really love because they’ll never go out of style.

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