Promise ring KopiePromise rings are most commonly given to a romantic partner as a sign of commitment that isn’t quite engagement. It’s a simple way to show how you feel and to say, “I’m here to stay.” A promise ring symbolizes “A promise of friendship with a desire to let it grow into an engagement of marriage “ – Unknown Author.

However, a promise ring is also appropriate for a friend or family member, serving as a symbol for a meaning of your choice.

The key word here is “promise”, as you are adding significance to your gift by providing a ring to symbolize your commitment.

Promise rings do not have to mean that marriage is right around the corner. It is not necessary for anyone to expect to be given a promise ring at a particular stage in his or her relationship. Every couple’s needs are different, and some couples may be together for a very short period of time before deciding on a stronger commitment, while other couples may need much longer to feel comfortable with that next step. When a couple does decide to consider exchanging promise rings, they should discuss what that promise would mean and be clear about the commitment they are making to one another. Communication is essential to ensure that both are aware of what the ring will symbolize and they can decide together if they are ready for that step.

While some young adults wear promise rings to signify abstinence, others wear it to represent something completely different. You can never outgrow your ability to give a meaningful gift, and pairing your gift with a promise will make it even better.

A promise ring between friends can symbolize the strength of their friendship, all of the history between them, or how much they’ve overcome together. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a promise of lasting friendship with their best buddy and confidant?

Picking the right ring ?

A promise ring shouldn’t be so expensive or elaborate that it is mistaken for a wedding ring, but a ring with special significance adds extra weight to the promise. Consider a ring with the person’s birthstone, or a custom engraving. How do you wear a promise ring ?

Traditionally, promise rings are worn on the left hand ring finger and designed with a heart motif. Today, promise rings come in many designs, and can be worn in many ways. Promise rings can be worn on either the left or the right hand. If the promise ring is the precursor to an engagement ring, it is usually worn on the left hand until the engagement ring is worn, but if the promise is not romantic the right hand is the more appropriate choice. In some cases, such as an inaccurate ring size, the ring can also be worn on a chain around the neck instead of on the hand.


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