engagementSpring fever, blossoms and warm temperatures – spring seems to be the perfect season to propose. But which ring is the one that will make her say yes? While many are tempted to stay on the safer side and choose a simple 6 prong solitaire ring, we at Estenza think that there are many more options to choose from that make her eyes sparkle:


  1. Diamonds !! More is more. Your engagement ring does not need to have just your center main diamond. Some women find it too flashy when your side shank is set with diamonds but that does not have to be the case. There are options for you to choose from to get an understated look. However if you prefer more bling more is always better. Look for options with side gallery work with smaller diamonds set there, as well as diamonds on your shank. That will make your ring look good from all angles.


  1. The Bigger the better – A halo set. Diamonds around the center make the stone look bigger, sometimes much bigger – it´s that simple!  Hence this seems to be the most popular choice.


  1. Be romantic! Choose a ring to pay homage to your past, present and future. A classic three stone diamond ring that has intricate details such a side gallery work that highlights the center stone gives the 3 stone ring a royal and vintage look.


  1. Be bold be yellow gold! White gold is certainly the traditional metal for an engagement ring. However if you wife-to-be loves to wear yellow gold, there is nothing wrong with choosing this color for your engagement ring.


No matter which shape, style or diamond size your engagement ring will be, Estenza wishes you a successful proposal full of emotions and endless love.

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