SUMMER JEWELRYThe sun is finally out and all we want to do is lay by the pool and catch as many sun rays as possible. While you’re fighting your first sunburn of the season, it might be time to put on some clothes and dress up for a nice summer party. One thing you can’t forget when going out is your jewelry, but don’t just wear the same old pieces you wore all winter. It’s time to update your jewelry collection for summertime!

The most obvious way to do so is by adding color – a lot of color. Everything bright and sparkling just screams summer – blues, reds and oranges. Whatever your heart desires! But maybe put away the pastels – Spring is almost over.

Once you’ve got your beautiful tan on, warm metals like rosegold and gold compliment your bronze skin and make you feel like a summer goddess!

We also love midi rings and stackable rings for this year’s hottest days. The effortless and cool vibe they give you is perfect for a summer day. No one wants to look overdressed when really all you want to do is jump in the pool.

No matter what jewelry you try out for this season, have fun with it! Here you can find the perfect jewelry pieces for day and night.

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