necklaces_to_necklineWomen love a good bling around their necks. But most of us have also had that moment where you put on a necklace and somehow it doesn’t look right together with your outfit. To help you pick the right jewelry, we want to give you a foolproof guide to match your jewelry to your neckline.

The Crewneck

Let’s go back to basics. We all have at least one crewneck t-shirt in our closet. The most flattering necklaces for this neckline are short and hugging your neck. Almost like a choker. It should rest on your clavicle so it hides the neckline of the shirt almost completely, creating a new, blingy neckline. Another option of course is a simple, long pendant.

The V-Neck

Generally, it’s always good to go with a necklace that hits below the point of the V. This gives you a lot of different options, depending on how deep your neckline is.

The Sweetheart

Probably the most feminine of necklines requires a feminine companion in jewelry form. A delicate necklace almost like a choker is the best way to go here. Maybe even something a little bit longer, but don’t go overboard. Less is more.

The Boatneck

This seemingly boring neckline acts as kind of a blank canvas for your jewelry choices. The boatneck is like no neckline at all, which means every necklace is okay. This neckline practically screams for accessories, so the bigger the better is the motto. Huge colorful statement pieces give you an exciting, fashionable look.

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