blue_topazWhether it’s the clear blue skies or the deep blue seas, in the summertime, blue is all around us. The bright color instantly makes you feel energized and alive. Whenever you look out on the ocean that stretches all the way to the horizon, every worry seems to float away. That’s why this summer’s trend piece #1 is blue topaz jewelry.

The Topaz is one of the most commonly used gemstone in jewelry making because it comes in a large variety of colors. Blue topaz can be mined naturally like that but is extremely rare. Most of the time, blue topaz is colorless in the rough, but it is then treated with radiation to change its color to blue and then heated to seal the color in. Different forms of radiation create a different tone of blue, which makes the topaz so popular and easy to work with.

Ancient cultures also believed that blue topaz has all kinds of different strengthening powers.

This season, the gemstone is perfect to complementing for a simple, yet chic outfit. Its buzzing blue color gives you a refreshing energy, the perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer day.

Find your personal style companion here and get ready for your most fashionable summer yet.

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