proposal ideasThe most important part of every relationship is the engagement. Of course, you want your proposal to be perfect. It needs to be unique and special. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Here are some ideas you can customize to make the proposal personal and make sure your significant other is swept off their feet.

If you’re into sentimental proposals a personal scavenger hunt is perfect for you. Pick a few places that have a lot of meaning for your relationship and make your soon-to-be fiancée travel from spot to spot collecting clues.

For outdoorsy couples, who like adventures, proposing while on vacation might be the best way to do it. After all, a relationship is built on making memories together.

If your girlfriend is a bookworm, maybe you’re lucky enough to get her favorite author to help you out. How about a personal autograph in her favorite book? Alternatively, a (photo-) book to keep all your experiences in is always a good way. Maybe even put THE QUESTION on the last page.

If you’re both really extroverted, plan a public proposal. Either a huge flashmob or just your friends and family – shared happiness is the best happiness.

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