summer destinationIt’s July which means there is only one thing on our minds: summer vacation! If you don’t have any plans yet, it is more than time to get on that. To inspire you, we put together our favorite places to visit in the summer.

Of course, you want to relax when you’re on vacation. You want to recover from all the stress at home and just chill out for a second. But there’s no harm in wanting to look stylish, right? We’re here to give you advice on what accessories to bring, to look your best, without having to worry about wasting precious space in your suitcase.

Our first must-see spot is Bora Bora. What a place to start out with! This luxurious atoll is the perfect destination for a romantic get-away, maybe even your honeymoon?

Your style is best kept romantic as well. Some rings with flowery designs are always a good idea here.

Now it’s time to take a trip halfway across the globe: to Dubai. This is the ultimate place-to-be for fashionistas this year. This city is always on high speed, it almost feels like you’re in the future. If you love to be in the spotlight, to be the center of attention, this is your time to shine. Spice up any outfit with bold and modern pieces of jewelry.

If you’re not into huge cities like Dubai, but you do like the busy feeling of a lot of people around you, Amsterdam might just be the city for you. The trendy capital of the Netherlands pulls you in immediately with its tiny, winding roads and crooked buildings. To match the city’s historic vibes, your best look is accessorized with a piece of vintage inspired jewelry. Intricate designs and embellishments are a must.

We’ll stay in Europe for one more stop: Mykonos. Over the past years, this little greek island has attracted thousands of people and has quickly become one of Europe’s hottest spots to be. Typical white houses and cobblestone streets give this place its unique ambience. Perfect for a week by the pool. Here, it’s best to go with minimal and delicate jewelry and a sun hat. Keep it simple.

Hop on the plane one more time and discover our last pick: Catalina island. Just off the coast of Los Angeles, this is the perfect spot for a quick get-away over the weekend. Dress appropriately in fun colors and match with colorful jewelry.

Did we inspire your summer vacation? Click here to find the jewelry to accompany you on your adventures around the world.

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