In Love With Rose GoldRose gold, first popularized almost a century ago, has made a comeback- Rose gold is the craze right now.  Rose gold rings, rose gold necklaces, rose gold everything. Even in home décor rose gold is the biggest trend of 2015. To be perfectly honest, we would surround ourselves with nothing but rose gold if we could. But why is this metal so popular right now?

Rose gold, which is sometimes called “pink gold,” is an alloy of gold and copper, which gives it the sought-after warm hue. It instantly gives a beautiful and unique glow to the skin, it is a lot warmer than regular yellow gold.

Cartier made a major mark in rose gold history when the Trinity band (made of three intertwining bands of rose, white and yellow gold) debuted in the late 1920s. French writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau popularized the ring and the look of rose gold by stacking two on his pinkie finger, sparking a trend in wearing rose gold and in mixing metals.

So for those women who love to combine traditionalism with modernism, rose gold is the perfect medium between the two. Its soft rosy blush colour looks great on its own, but also suits being put with gemstones or diamonds.

Due to its antique roots and timeless look, rose gold jewelry bought today could easily be passed on as a precious heirloom later on down the track. The rise of blush shades in the fashion world has also spurred on the demand for rose gold jewelry to match iconic gowns made by designers all over the world. Better yet, rose gold is suitable for differing skin tones and ages which is great for women looking for unique pieces to add to their jewelry collection.

We have a selection of rose gold pieces in our collections – here are some of our favorites.


This ring combines our favorite gold with diamonds and a big and beautiful purple amethyst. The diamonds gives this piece a sparkling and elegant vibe, while the deep color of the amethyst brings out the youthful side of its wearer.


Turn heads with this incredible rose quartz pendant with pave-set diamonds. The little, sparkling diamond along the side give an instant shimmer to every woman’s face. Along with the warmth of the rose gold, this makes this pendant the perfect piece for late summer days.

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