lumiere-collectionDiamonds are the most popular gemstone used in jewelry making. If you have ever seen a diamond jewelry piece catch a ray of sunlight you will immediately understand why. It’s a definite eye-catcher. To really emphasize this effect, we designed the magical Lumière Collection.

What makes this collection stand out from the sea of diamond jewelry are the flickering diamonds. Each necklace comes alive when you wear it, because the delicately cut gemstone moves in time with the wearer’s heartbeat. This makes the pendant unique and different for everyone. The diamond reflects even the softest light and glistens in a way that gives a stunning radiance to every woman’s face.

The classic and timeless combination of white gold and diamonds makes this collection perfect as a gift to a loved one. Like magic, the necklace transforms into your own individual jewelry once you put it on.

You can wear these necklaces to any outfit. Even a simple jeans and t-shirt combination looks classy and elegant when paired with diamonds and white gold.

This truly is a collection you can wear all, day every day, forever.

Click here to discover the complete Lumière collection.

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