Most people are drawn to jewelry due to its shiny appearance.. but not all pieces of jewelry need to be polished in order to impress. Sometimes changing the finish of the gold is to create a harmonious understated elegance; at other times, a bold statement of contrasts. They usually make the stone in the piece stand out more when its not competing with the shiny metal. Here we have three stunning pieces in brushed gold, which will complement your jewelry collection just perfectly.

Our first piece is a pair of round earrings with a sickle of diamonds, looking like the moon on a clear summer night. Pair these earrings with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and see how it immediately transforms your look for the day. Or wear them with your little black dress for a night out in town. They are a must have for your wardrobe.

The next piece is a simple yet elegant pendant in yellow brushed gold with an diamond studded outline. This leaf shaped pendant adds the perfect amount of bling to your outfit. Wear it with the matching earrings to complete your look.

These earrings will match your leaf shaped pendant just perfectly and will make the perfect accessory during day or night.

If you want to see more beautiful pieces of jewelry in brushed gold discover Estenza´s Matly in Love collection here.

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