ESTENZA || Blog post || Timeless pendantsPendants are always a perfect accessory to complete your outfit. If you choose the right one, it has the power to give your outfit a whole new appearence. Whether you want an elegant piece of jewelry to match your evening dress or an extraordinary colorful pendant to add that something extra to your outfit, we have few recommendations to make.
The first pendant is a stunning and timeless piece of jewelry. Its London blue topaz is shaped like a falling raindrop and light blue diamonds are set around. Pair this with an elegant evening gown and it will surely be the talk of the night.
Our second pick is this lemon topaz pendant with pave-set diamonds to add a feel of spring/summer to your layered necklace look. Through its warm color this piece has a very pleasant look that will flatter your skin tone.
The third pendant is another colorful piece which can highlight any outfit it is combined with. The purple amethyst with dazzling white diamonds are imbedded in a rose gold frame which gives it a very warm and feminine look.
The last piece we want to recommend is our Aqua chalcedony pendant. It is a sure head turner and attention grabber. The opaque Aqua chalcedony has a Mother of Pearl backing which gives it a pearly, blue glow. It is surrounded with dazzling pave-set diamonds that just add to the glamour of the blue Chalcedony and light blue sapphires give it the color contrast and pop that it needs.
ESTENZA hopes that the collection of beautiful pendants could inspire you and gave you some ideas for your next stunning outfit. Tag us on Instagram with your outfit creations as we would love to see it styled.. If you want to discover our complete collection of pendants, click here.

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