October’ birthstone – the Opal

Blog post || The opalThe opal, known as the queen of gemstones is the birthstone of this month. Each opal, as unique as our fingerprint is truly a one-of-a-kind because every gem got its own matchless color. Its brilliant color flashes with even the slightest movement. Estenza has selected everything you need to know about this fascinating gemstone.

The name opal comes from the greek opallos, meaning “to see a change (of color).” They occur in many beautiful colors. Estenza especially fell in love with the blue and pink opal and used them to manifacture extraordinary opal earrings.

These opal gemstones are a gain to any wardrobe. Actually, opal earrings are the perfect jewelry piece for any occasion and any outfit and likewise an extraordinary gift for the special someone in your life. Give a pair of opal earrings to a friend or partner – she will appreciate this unique and beautiful gift for sure. Opal jewelry definitely has an aura of sophistication beyond the basic jewelry piece, which makes opal earrings to a jewelry piece that every classy woman should own.

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