Getting engaged on Christmas

BP || EngagementThe favorite time of year is about to start soon. Christmas. A holiday full of love, family and presents. According to statistics right after Valentines Day Christmas is the day of the most engagements. Explore with Estenza why you should propose on this special morning.
Here at Estenza we are all about love – ‘True Love’ and we believe that your story starts with the most important piece of jewelry- The Engagement ring. Hence we want to make sure that your engagement ring is just right and has been made with the same love and care. We hand make our engagement rings, even our diamonds are carefully selected and we hand set each diamond. That is exactly the reason why our engagement rings are popular amongst our customers- its the care we put into the details to make it extra special for your big day. But your special moment is more than just about your ring.. Its about the when/ where and how you propose that makes it all the more special, and we have noticed a huge rise in proposals during Christmas.
But why exactly propose to your loved one on Christmas?
The answer is simple. Christmas holiday’s are all about love. It´s that time of year where family is all celebrating together. Its the perfect time to introduce her as your fiancee to the rest of the family. Moreover this time of year is just so romantic. Snowy outside and cozy inside, candlelight, and romantic movies.  How could the setting get any better !!! It just screams love.It also makes for the best surprises.. The look on her face when she opens her gift, expecting anything but an engagement ring makes that moment unforgettable.
The engagement date is already noted down in your calendar but the right ring is missing. Search no more. Visit our beautiful engagement rings full of love to make this Christmas even more special.





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