Say goodbye to ordinary wedding bands

Eszenza3RingeJewelry is love and love is jewelry! And love is what keeps us going here at the Estenza headquarters. What jewelry piece screams I love you more than an engagement ring? Well, some may say the wedding band. The wedding band may be a slightly simpler than an engagement ring but likewise embodies eternal love.

While most of the wedding bands on the market are rather modest we love to manufacture outstanding wedding bands that are set with diamonds or even sapphires. Dare to stand out and let your engagement ring shine even brighter next to our top 3 wedding bands.

1.Our first wedding band may be out of sheer rose gold but is embellished with drawstring details. Pair with your wedding ring, alone or with your stack of rings.

2. Diamonds are forever and so is this special wedding band. The elegant pave-set diamond band is a staple for multiple looks. Wear alone or, with your engagement ring or even in a stack with different rings.

3. In sapphires we trust. We love this sapphire and diamond wedding band especially in combination to a white gold engagement ring or even the world famous Lady Di model.

No matter what your favorite wedding band is, we hope it will makes you happy for a lifetime!

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